Blazing Saddle Riders


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 What We're About!!

Blazing Saddle Riders, is a "Closed group"  

To be a member of this group you must be an experienced rider, and be able to participate in some of our rides, gatherings & activities so that we can get to know you!!


First & Foremost, This is not a 1% or Outlaw club, we are simply a fun group of recreational riders with common interests in having fun, riding, & making life-long friendships!


We are a group of riders who believe in keeping things simple, fun, safe and free from judgement, drama & politics. We want to ride with down-to-earth honest folks that we can sit around a campfire with and swap stories & bull-shit! Bikers and Cowboys have a lot more in common than one might think!!  


We recommend everyone watch the movie BLAZING SADDLES, no matter how old, stupid, and politically incorrect it is, it's a hilarious classic western spoof movie, that reeks of the kind of humor we wish to bring into this group.  Fun & Laughter, our own brand of crazy, great friendships; and the joy of riding, is what we are striving for here.  


"We will get out of the group what we put into it, and with so many different personalities there is never a dull moment!"


We encourage you to choose a Wild West Road Name just to keep things interesting (completely optional.)  You can change it as many times as you like until you find one that fits.  It's pretty hard to take things too seriously when we're all posing as Wild West Outlaws & Whatnot!


Every member of "Blazing Saddle Riders" is responsible for his or her own conduct within the group, so please be respectful, responsible, kind & considerate to one another or you will be removed.  

Non active - idle members will eventually be removed to make room for new members who wish to participate in some rides and activities, both on and off the website.  Because we are creating a different type of group here, we are keeping the number of members to around 50 in hopes of maintaining a small and more personal kind of feel to the group.  

         What happens around the campfire, stays around the campfire!
                                                        Thank You & may your guardians ride with you!!                                                              

Kindest Regards: 

Mustang Sally, Marshall Paw & Miss Kitty